Under the Canopy – Physical and neurological rehabilitation services

Physical rehabilitation services    

Under the Canopy – Physical and neurological rehabilitation services

What is it?

Cancer treatments can cause a variety of problems that interfere with your life in physical, emotional and practical ways. These can include pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, restricted movement and deconditioning.

Signs that you may need rehabilitation services include:

Expert advice and guidance from a cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist may improve health and your ability to function as normally as possible more quickly and to a greater degree. It could help you reduce fatigue, pain and prevent the development of long term side effects.

Physical rehabilitation services program

How can a rehabilitation physiotherapist help?

Our cancer rehabilitation physiotherapists will assess you individually for physical impairments and affects of your treatment. They then work with you to create a rehabilitation program to suit your stage in recovery, type of cancer, and level of fitness.

Our physiotherapists will help guide, support and encourage you through each phase of your treatment and recovery. They will teach you what you can do to get stronger again and help you understand why your body is reacting to the treatments in certain ways. They will provide information to help you feel more in control of your body and life again.

Benefits of physical rehabilitation services program

While rehabilitation can’t eliminate cancer assaults on the body, it can certainly decrease and decelerate the impact on function, strength and stamina. The aim is to allow people to live to their own maximum potential, performing at the limit of their physical and mental capacity with control and independence whenever possible. Problems picked up early by a cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist can prevent long-term problems developing.


Our team of PINC & STEEL Cancer rehabilitation physiotherapists run individualised cancer rehabilitation sessions through private clinics throughout New Zealand.

A certified PINC & STEEL cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist in the closest clinic to your home address will then contact you to book an appointment. https://www.pincandsteel.com/find-a-physio/The first session is for an hour and includes an assessment of your needs and issues and a rehabilitation plan will then be devised for you.

Cancer rehabilitation can include:

Return to Form

Owner and Physio Zee Sharif has created a holistic vision for helping cancer clients at Return to Form. The diverse skill set of the team offers physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, nutrition, pilates as well as personal training. In addition to any hands-on treatment, the clinics have an exercise studio.

 Each therapist at Return to Form believes that there's more to be done once the cancer is gone. There should also be an intense focus on returning to work, sports, and social activities post-treatment with minimal or no side effects of the interventions that beat the cancer.

 Get back to living life to its fullest. Visit our website for more information on how 1-1 physiotherapy can help you You can also call us at 09 551 4460 or send an email to info@returntoform.com

Cancer rehabilitation can include:

Neurological Rehabilitation for Neuro-oncology conditions

What does Neurological Rehabilitation involve:

If you have had cancer of the brain or spinal cord you may be left with neurological deficits or symptoms. These include:

These symptoms can be debilitating and have a big impact on your day to day life. At Rope Neuro Rehab we have a team enthusiastic and forward thinking specialist Neurological Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language therapists who have vast experience working with people with neurological conditions and more specifically with Neuro-Oncology.

We believe in working together with the client and their Whānau and carers to ensure clinically evident and individualised rehabilitation plans. We work with our clients in the Clinical setting, community setting and supportive care settings.

Throughout all the stages of your cancer care, our team are able to consider effects and implications of having your cancer treatment and provide thorough assessment and treatment that is targeted towards your goals. Neurological Physiotherapy aims to stimulate the nervous system through therapeutic activities such as exercise. The exercises are designed to help retrain the brain and encourage more normal movement patterns. Treatment plans are catered to each individual depending on the symptoms they experience and focus on improving cardiovascular function, strength, ease of movement, quality of movement, balance and over all coordination.

We offer a private service both in the community and clinic setting and are ACC registered. We offer a no wait list service, flexible hours and functional client-centered goals at the intensity required.

We have access to a range of specialised rehab equipment used to treat neurological symptoms including Electrical Stimulation for weak muscles and prescription of orthotics.

We assess and treat a wide range of neurological conditions – please see our website for more information.

We are able to provide specific rehabilitation management in the location best suited to the client.

Home visiting - Treatment in a client’s familiar surroundings can enhance skill transfer and retention of training and eliminates the need to consider transportation.

Outpatient clinic - Our outpatient clinic gives the opportunity for community progression, use of specialised neurological equipment, with level access. 

Groups - Clinic based high amplitude Parkinson’s rehabilitation group - provide a supervised continuation of exercises in a supportive setting.

Clinic located at Unit 6, 19 Edwin Street, Mt Eden, Auckland, 1024. 

Gym Space located Unit 18, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden, Auckland, 1024.

Within our clinic and new Gym we have several clinic rooms as well as a large gym and a smaller gym space over 2 areas.  The clinic and gym have wheel chair access and parking onsite.  Contact us on admin@ropeneurorehab.co.nz or 096238433 or 021753279


Appointment Costs: PINC & STEEL Physical Rehab

(incl GST)
Follow Up
(incl GST)
PINC & STEEL Rehab Physio $135.00 60 mins $95.00 45 mins
        $70.00 30 mins


Program Cost Sessions
Next Steps* Fully funded 10 sessions
PaddleOn** Partially funded 8 sessions

*The initial consultation includes a physical and functional assessment and an individualised rehabilitation plan.

**PaddleOn now is partially funded. There is a slight surcharge on the 8 sessions ($60 in total).

Referrals to your local PINC & STEEL provider can be made here

Appointment Costs: Return to Form Physical Rehab

(incl GST)
Follow Up
(incl GST)
Return to Form Rehab Physio with Zee Sharif $189.00 60 mins $159.00 45 mins
        $109.00 30 mins
Return to Form Massage with physio $129.00 60 mins    

Visit Return to Form for more information or call 09 551 4460.


Appointment Costs: Neurological Rehab

Home visit rates quoted are for people who live in Auckland's Central Suburbs, for those in other suburbs the appointments increase in price depending on the distance from the clinic.

  Initial Consultation Appointment Length
Initial Assessments    
Standard Initial Home Visit Central suburbs $250.00 up to 90mins
Outpatient Clinic Initial $210.00 up to 90mins
Vestibular Outpatient Clinic Initial $210.00 up to 90mins
Subsequent Visits   up to 60mins
Home Visit Central Auckland Suburbs $165.00  
Outpatient Clinic Visit $140.00 up to 60mins
Vestibular Outpatient Visit $160.00 up to 60mins


Your health insurance provider may cover these physiotherapy services with a certified cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist. If you are unable to afford rehabilitation the Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust provides funding for our services.

Click on the link below and fill in the form.


Our team

Pinc & Steel International

Pinc & Steel International

Pinc & Steel International was founded by Lou James to provide world class cancer rehabilitation programmes, services and products to help people affected by any type of cancer, all ages and fitness levels. She specifically developed physiotherapy techniques to facilitate recovery and ultimately improve quality of life for people during and after cancer treatments. Lou has developed a national network of physiotherapists all specifically trained to ensure that our patients have the best possible chance of recovery.

Kath Broad

Kath Broad

Kath is a qualified Physio and Lympodema therapist with extensive experience in acupuncture and vocational rehabilitation.  

Kate Wallis

Kate Wallis

Kate is a qualified Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor who sub-specialises in oncology physio. Her areas of interest include exercise therapy and post-operative rehabilitation.  Kate takes a holistic approach with her clients, encompassing the physical and mental aspects of treatment and recovery. 

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