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Canopy TV – an online news channel for the cancer community.

Canopy TV aims to provide interesting and topical information to cancer patients and their families, increase people’s understanding of cancer and showcase interesting clinical developments in cancer treatment. Check out our video library below including our latest videos, orientation series, Let's Talk, Sharing Stories and even get to meet some of the team...

Latest Episode

Let's Talk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The Importance of Diet and Nutrition

Video library


How Cancer Cells Work

Cancer Explained

How to involve your children in your cancer journey

The challenges of caregiving and supporting

Intimacy for women during cancer treatment

The impact of prostate cancer on men’s health, sexuality and wellbeing

Living beyond cancer treatment

Finding Strength – Sharing Stories


My Response to Cancer

What a Forest Can Teach Us

Let's Talk

Professor Michael Findlay

Let's Talk Chemotherapy

Let's Talk Precision Medicine & Immunotherapy

Understanding Biologic and Biosimilar Medicines

Let's Talk Mindfulness

Patient Orientation

Part 1


Part 2

Under the Canopy

Part 3

Managing Infection

Part 4

Bowel Management

Part 5


Part 6

Nausea and vomiting

Part 7

Skin irritations

Part 8

Paxman - what to expect

Patient Orientation - Hair Loss

Patient Orientation - Fatigue

Patient Orientation - Peripheral Neuropathy

Our Team

Getting to know our clinicians - Dr Naera Waters

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