Specialist private cancer care in Auckland, New Zealand

Specialist private cancer careThe first step

Every journey begins with a first step.
Your first step will be a referral from your
GP or Specialist. The background information
they supply will include details of your medical
history and the results of recent investigations
such as blood tests and scans. The referral and
background information will be sent directly
to us from your GP or Specialist. As soon as
we have received this information, our practice
coordinator will contact you to make an appointment with one of our oncologists or haematologists.

Your first consultation

Naturally you will have many questions about your condition and your treatment options.
Your first consultation will typically last an hour or more, allowing time to go through your medical history and assess and discuss recommendations. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to, and invite you to bring along family and friends for support.

Next steps

If treatment is required, your oncologist or haematologist may request further tests to evaluate your condition.

This will help to confirm the best treatment choice for you. You may need to come back for a further visit with your doctor before treatment begins.

Your first treatment

One of our nursing team will contact you to arrange a pre-treatment orientation appointment. This appointment will be an opportunity for more detailed discussion about what to expect,
your treatment schedule and instructions for your first day.

Your oncology nurse will greet you and guide you through your treatment visit. Once again,
we encourage you to ask any questions you may have so that you are fully informed and
feel comfortable.

We will share information with you and provide you with access to any further information
you need. Click here for links to other websites you may find helpful and informative.

We have created a series of short orientation videos as part of Canopy TV.  You may find these useful at different stages of your treatment so please refer to them as required. 

What are my treatment options?

There are a number of options available depending on your condition. Your oncologist or haematologist will discuss with you which is the most appropriate for you. The most common treatments are chemotherapy, antibody therapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy.

These treatments are often integrated with surgery or radiation therapy. Our doctors would,
in these instances, work closely with your other specialists to make sure all treatments are co-ordinated.

Who will I need to see?

Depending on your condition, it is likely that you will need to see a number of different healthcare professionals, although you will have one lead oncologist or haematologist.

Our staff will ensure that you are aware of all procedures and appointments, and other tests.