Under the Canopy - Emotional wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing    

Under the Canopy - Emotional wellbeing

Psychological services

It’s common to experience a wide range of intense emotions when going through cancer or supporting someone close to you through cancer.

Many people find it useful to talk through these emotions with a trained psychologist who can provide reassurance, guidance and teach coping strategies to help you manage.

Whether you are starting treatment, are just finishing up with treatment or supporting someone else, our professional psychologists are experts in providing support to people and their whanau with the distress that cancer can bring about.

Emotional wellbeing program

What are psychological services?

Depending on your needs, you may be referred through to the team of Psychologists at Cancer Society or to private Clinical Psychologist. All of the Under the Canopy Psychologists are experienced in structuring sessions to meet your specific needs, working with individuals and whanau. The team at the Cancer Society also offer group sessions for people who might benefit from interacting with others in similar circumstances

Benefits of emotional wellbeing program

What are benefits of psychological services?

All the Under the Canopy psychologists are committed to helping people negotiate the emotional and social challenges of cancer and its treatments

Talking with one of our team members in an individual counselling session or attending one of our many group programs can help with the following:

Costs and enrolment

What will these sessions cost?

Please discuss the cost of the sessions directly with your provider. 

Choose your course or session

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