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Our very own Bridget Robinson Award Winner - Professor Mike Findlay

Sep 27, 2022

Congratulations to one of our founding directors, Professor Mike Findlay.

The New Zealand Society for Oncology brings together oncologists and cancer researchers to encourage and support education and the advancement of knowledge in all facets of oncology. 

The evolution of cancer research and how it relates to patient care in New Zealand has constantly changed over the years. The NZSO has played a major role in improving outcomes for patients through research and clinical excellence. From humble beginnings in 1967 with a small group of researchers from two universities, the NZSO is new a world-class collaborative and expansive future-focused Society.

This year the NZSO Conference was held in Christchurch.  The annual event provides a forum where our industry leaders can come together to promote the exchange of new research and clinical developments.  With a history steeped in clinical research, patient care and drug developments, this event is the culmination of clinical excellence. 

With attendees and key speakers from both New Zealand and across the globe this event helps to ensure that oncology in New Zealand is not only current but cutting edge.   

At the conference, a number of awards are given out to exceptional researchers and presenters.  The Bridget Robinson Award recognizes exceptional career achievement in translational cancer research.  Professor Mike Findlay has been awarded the 2022 inaugural Bridget Robinson Award.  As a truly inspirational translational researcher, there is no doubt that Mike is a worthy recipient of this very prestigious award.

Although recently retired from his clinical work at Canopy Cancer Care and Auckland Hospital, his commitment to research and the advancement of cancer research in New Zealand over the past 40 years is unparalleled. 


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