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Expert Nutrition Support to Individuals with Cancer

Mar 20, 2023


Adeline Wong
BCApSc, MHSc, DPH, PGDipDiet (University of Otago)

As a dietitian, Adeline Wong provides expert nutrition support to individuals with cancer. She is now offering her services to oncology patients at Canopy Cancer Care's clinics in Epsom and on the North Shore in Auckland.

Ms. Wong is experienced in providing customized nutrition advice for cancer patients, taking into account their unique needs and treatment plans. She offers guidance on maintaining or improving nutritional-status during treatment, managing side effects such as fatigue and loss of appetite, and improving overall well-being.

Good nutrition is important for all patients with cancer. Side effects of cancer treatment, as well as cancer itself can interfere with eating well. Support from a specialist dietitian ensures, patients receive adequate nutrients and calories to aid in recovery, maintain muscle mass and strength, and prevent malnutrition.

A dietitian can help patients identify food that will alleviate common side effects such as nausea, taste alterations, mouth sores, and bowel problems. Patients may need a customized meal plan if they have special dietary needs or if they are experiencing side effects that make it difficult to get enough nutrients. For example, a patient who is experiencing mouth sores may need soft, bland foods that are easy to swallow, while a patient with diarrhea may need to avoid certain foods that may exacerbate the condition.

In addition to helping patients manage side effects, a dietitian can also recommend supplements when necessary to ensure they are getting enough vitamins and minerals. Good nutrition can improve patient outcomes, help manage symptoms, and improve quality of life. Therefore, it is an essential part of cancer care that should not be overlooked.

Canopy Cancer Care is a leading cancer care provider in New Zealand, offering comprehensive care, support services and world-class treatments to patients with all forms of cancer. Having Ms. Wong as a part of their team ensures that patients receive the best possible care and support throughout their cancer journey.

The importance of diet and nutrition.


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