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Diagnostic – Treatment – Survivorship – A Cancer Patients Journey

Jun 23, 2023

It certainly takes a team to treat cancer.  Recently a team from Canopy, TRG Imaging, and PINC &STEEL took to the podium to present a patient journey from diagnosis to post-treatment. 

Thanks to Richard Sullivan, Simon Fu, and Rosie Howard for presenting at the GP CME Conference earlier in the month.  They were also joined by TRG Imaging Radiologist Luke Wheeler and Oncology Physio Lou James to talk about the patient journey with a focus on men’s health.  The practical advice that she gave to the GPs on the role of oncology physiotherapy in patient care was well received. There is no doubt that the impact specialised physio has for patients is beneficial in so many different ways.

Incorporating Oncology Physiotherapy and Allied Health as an integral part of cancer care within a cancer-centric forum is undoubtedly a significant stride towards achieving better-integrated care for individuals impacted by cancer.

We will also be attending the Christchurch event with Dr Fritha Hanning replacing Richard as Chair and Dr Martin Gunn from TRG talking about Incidental Findings from an imaging perspective. 

We look forward to the next GPCME event in Christchurch in August.

Cancer – It takes a team…

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