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Be Inspired Staff Conference

May 28, 2023

Earlier in the month we were lucky enough to bring our people together for an inspirational and fun conference, held over two days in two locations. It was the first time that the teams from iMIX, TRG Imaging Ltd, Canopy Cancer Care, Broadway Radiology, and Auckland Breast Centre have been able to come together as a group. 
The theme was “Be Inspired” and we really did have some amazing speakers including Abbas Nazari and Tim Bean share their experiences and views with us as well as Dr Richard Sullivan talking about his experiences as an Oncologist and Dr Andrew West who talked about his time servicing as a doctor with the British Army. 

What was so inspirational was the energy and enthusiasm that came from our people. Through change, challenges, and adversity our team always goes the extra mile, has each other’s backs and deeply cares about our patients. 
We really do have the most incredible team.  One of the challenges on the day was to build the tallest tower out of pasta that would support the weight of an over-sized marshmallow.  Sounds easy enough.  Time pressure and a few red herrings made for an exciting and hilarious challenge.  Our pasta tower-building skills might be lacking, but our enthusiasm for giving it a go should be celebrated, view the photos here.

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