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Frequently asked questions about Cancer Care for PatientsWhat is the cost of an appointment?

At Canopy, Orientation appointments with your Specialist Nurse are free of charge.

If you require a consultation with a Canopy doctor to complete your immigration requirements, the cost is $1000.00 including GST.

What type of cancer patients are seen at Canopy?

We have specialist expertise in most cancers. Where someone has a cancer not treated by Canopy we will refer you to an appropriate consultant.

If you require a consultation with a Canopy doctor to complete your immigration requirements, the cost is $1000 including GST.

You will need to provide a referral, clinical letter and any histology and radiology reports prior to an appointment being made.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Once a referral has been received, our goal is to provide the majority of new patients with an appointment within one week. Sooner if possible.

Who is the best person to refer the patient for an appointment?

The patient’s current general practitioner (G.P.) or consultant/surgeon is the best person to write the referral as they have the best available information about your medical history and your cancer. This is also the most effective and efficient route of obtaining the essential referral information.

I need more information about the different types or cancer and treatments. Where can I get it from?

There are a number of websites we recommend, CLICK HERE to access our webpage of support sites.

I need help making an appointment to see one of the Canopy consultants. Who should I contact?

Please call our Administrative Services Manager during office hours on (09) 623 5602 or send an email to admin@canopycancercare.co.nz.  If you are in Tauranga please email admintauranga@canopycancercare.co.nz.

Do I need to purchase special compression stockings/hosiery for flying or are over the counter ones OK to use?

Over the counter compression stockings are OK to use.

Can my Canopy doctor prescribe all of my normal medications for me?

Canopy will only provide prescriptions relating to the patients oncology treatment. In order to maintain safe prescribing practice for all other medications patients should be referred back to the original prescriber or GP.

How much will my treatment cost at Canopy?

Following your appointment at Canopy, the doctor will arrange an estimate of costs for your treatment. Your treatment is specific to your recommended drug regime, dosage and treatment plan.

In some cases you may be eligible for an access program from a drug company where drugs are supplied by the drug company at a reduced price. If you are eligible for an access program we will advise you in the estimate of costs which will be emailed to you. If you have informed Canopy of your health insurance provider, the quote will also be sent to them for pre-approval.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide an estimate of treatment costs until you have seen a Canopy doctor as each estimate will be based on the drug dosage and is specific to your recommended treatment regime.

What is an affiliated provider?

Canopy Cancer Care is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society. This means that if you are a Southern Cross member, Canopy will apply for insurance pre-approval and also process claims on your behalf. If there is a shortfall, or a co-payment is needed you will be advised and asked to pay that directly to Canopy at the time of your visit. If you have medical insurance with a provider other than Southern Cross, please read the following booklet for more information about medical insurance.

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