Physical rehabilitation services

What is it?

Cancer treatments can cause a variety of problems that interfere with your life in physical, emotional and practical ways. These can include pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, restricted movement and deconditioning.

Signs that you may need rehabilitation services include:

• Feeling weaker now than when you were initially diagnosed
• Experiencing pain or soreness
• Feeling more tired than you were before you were diagnosed
• Having muscular or joint problems or reduced mobility
• Having difficulty recovering from treatment and doing the things you used to do
• Uncertain about how much to exercise or how best to exercise
• Struggling with memory problems and difficulty concentrating or
• If you want to continue or return to work

Expert advice and guidance from a cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist may improve health and your ability to function as normally as possible more quickly and to a greater degree. It could help you reduce fatigue, pain and prevent the development of long term side effects.

How can a rehabilitation physiotherapist help?

Our certified PINC and STEEL cancer rehabilitation Physiotherapist will assess you individually for physical impairments and affects of your treatment. They then work with you to create a rehabilitation program to suit your stage in recovery, type of cancer, and level of fitness.

Our Physiotherapists will help guide, support and encourage you through each phase of your treatment and recovery. They will teach you what you can do to get stronger again and help you understand why your body is reacting to the treatments in certain ways. They will provide information to help you feel more in control of your body and life again.

Cancer rehabilitation can include:

• Manual physiotherapy
• Musculoskeletal and functional assessments
• Scar management
• Joint mobilisation
• Pelvic floor retraining
• Strength and conditioning training
• Breathing technique and education
• Individualised Clinical Pilates
• Fatigue management
• Exercise prescription
• Integration back to work, exercise classes, gym or sport

• Optimise physical and functional recovery
• Decreasing pain and muscular tension
• Help regain strength and mobility
• Increase energy levels and improve breathing
• Strengthen core muscles and improve posture
• Improve scar formation
• Decrease nausea and constipation
• Improve physical functioning and maintain independence
• Reclaim body confidence and control
• Reduce treatment related side effects
• Shift focus from illness to wellness
• Improve quality of life

While rehabilitation can’t eliminate cancer assaults on the body, it can certainly decrease and decelerate the impact on function, strength and stamina. The aim is to allow people to live to their own maximum potential, performing at the limit of their physical and mental capacity with control and independence whenever possible. Problems picked up early by a cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist can prevent long-term problems developing.

Costs and enrolment

Our team of Pinc and Steel Cancer rehabilitation physiotherapists run individualised cancer rehabilitation sessions through private clinics throughout New Zealand.

Please fill in the form below to register for cancer rehabilitation. A certified Pinc or Steel cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist in the closest clinic to your home address will then contact you to book an appointment.

The first session is for an hour and includes an assessment of your needs and issues and a rehabilitation plan will then be devised for you.

Appointment Costs:

Physical RehabInitial
(incl GST)
Follow Up
(incl GST)
Pinc & Steel $120.00 60 mins $60.00 30 mins
Next Steps* Fully funded 10 sessions
PaddleOn** Partially funded 8 sessions


Your health insurance provider may cover physiotherapy services with a certified cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist. If you are unable to afford rehabilitation the Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust provides funding for our services.

Click on the link below and fill in the form.

*The initial consultation includes a physical and functional assessment and an individualised rehabilitation plan.
**PaddleOn now is partially funded. There is a slight surcharge on the 8 sessions ($60 in total).


Megan Peacocke

Megan Graduated from AUT in 2002 and has worked in the musculoskeletal physiotherapy field since. She has spent time working in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  

Megan has undertaken further training in cancer rehabilitation, Clinical Pilates, therapeutic yoga and pelvic health physiotherapy.  She is a certified PINC and STEEL physiotherapist.

Megan has a hands-on holistic treatment approach with a strong belief that education and knowledge empowers patients.  She is passionate about people understanding their bodies, so they can overcome dysfunction & incorporate exercise into their lifestyle.


Dom Samuel (MSc) Physiotherapy; BSc (Hons) Biology with Sport & Exercise science

Dom has worked in New Zealand as a physiotherapist since 2011. He is a UK trained physiotherapist (QMU Edinburgh).  Dom works for Body in Motion Physio in Tauranga and sees a wide range of patients, with a special interest in manual therapy (hands-on) and exercise prescription.

Being a STEEL certified cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist, Dom can address an array of issues affecting a males’ well-being during their cancer journey.

Dom is a father of two young boys and is often out enjoying NZ’s great outdoors


Lou James - Founder

Pinc & Steel International was founded by Lou James to provide world class cancer rehabilitation programmes, services and products to help people affected by any type of cancer, all ages and fitness levels. She specifically developed physiotherapy techniques to facilitate recovery and ultimately improve quality of life for people during and after cancer treatments. Lou has developed a national network of physiotherapists all specifically trained to ensure that our patients have the best possible chance of recovery.