Scalp Cooling

Hair Loss Prevention - Scalp Cooling Cap

The use of scalp cooling or ‘cold caps’ has been shown to effectively reduce the incidence of hair loss for some cancer patients.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss or alopecia is commonly associated with cancer and chemotherapy. However, only some chemotherapy drugs* and specific combinations of chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss or hair thinning. Chemotherapy works by targeting all rapidly dividing cells in the body. As hair is the second fastest dividing cell, some chemotherapy drugs will affect hair cells, resulting in hair loss.

When will hair start to fall out?

Hair loss usually occurs a few weeks after starting treatment but it is different for everyone.

How does the Scalp Cooling Cap work?

The damage that chemotherapy causes to the hair follicle can in some cases be alleviated by using a scalp cooling cap, also known as a ‘cold cap’. It works by reducing the temperature of the scalp by a few degrees immediately before, during and after the administration of chemotherapy. This in turn reduces the blood flow to hair follicles which may prevent or minimize the hair loss.

Will it work for me?

Successful scalp cooling depends on many factors and results will vary for everyone. Research and studies have shown that scalp cooling can be effective across a widerange of chemotherapy regimens. Canopy patients with solid tumours receiving the following drugs may request to use the cool cap:

  • Cyclophosphamide*
  • Docetaxel*
  • Doxorubicin*
  • Paclitaxel*
  • Epirubicin*

The drug regimens AC, TC and FEC contain different combinations of the above drugs.

The cold cap does not work for everyone and is not suitable to use with all types of cancer. It cannot be used with any Haematological diseases including Myeloma, Leukaemia and Lymphomas.

What does it cost and will my medical insurance cover the costs?

Each cooling treatment will cost $700. You will need to check your individual medical insurance policy to see if you have cover. Success rates vary from patient to patient for many different reasons.

Talk to your Specialist or Specialist Nurse to find out if the Scalp Cooling Cap is right for you.

Life 2.0

What is it?

Finishing cancer treatment brings its own challenges. You want to feel normal again, but instead may feel lost, have low energy, plus worries about cancer returning. You may wonder what you can do for yourself to start feeling better.

Life 2.0 helps you get back into living life after cancer.

It gives you tools, tips and strategies for making changes after cancer which can help your body recover, increase energy, reduce stress, and help reduce the risk of cancer returning.

Life 2.0 uses the latest scientific evidence on lifestyle changes and how to implement them, so you can regain a sense of control over your life, and look to the future with confidence.

Based on the latest scientific evidence on lifestyle, Life 2.0 gives you tools and strategies for making changes after cancer which can help your body recover, increase energy, reduce stress and help reduce the risk of cancer returning.

Topics include the benefits and recommendations for:

  • Eating well
  • Keeping active
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Plus a whole lot more!

And perhaps most importantly, learn how to start making changes that are sustainable, achievable and fit your life. So you don’t feel guilty, confused or overwhelmed but instead feel motivated, supported and energised!

Join a six-week group course, for a fun and supportive environment with others who’ve been through the same experience.

Or opt for one-to-one sessions totally tailored to you and your needs.

The sense of control gained by taking positive actions has been shown to be empowering, improve psychological wellbeing and reduce anxiety.

And because these positive actions are of benefit to your overall health you’ll also be helping:

  • support your body in recovering, boosting energy levels and sleep
  • reduce your risk of getting cancer again, plus any other chronic disease (such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, dementia)
  • regain that sense of control over your body, health and life again that allows you to move forward after cancer with confidence.

Six-week course:

Next six-week course: Starts July 24th

Tuesdays from 7pm - 9pm

Session 1: Tues 24th July

Session 2: Tues 31st July

Session 3: Tues 14th Aug

Session 4: Tues 28th Aug

Session 5: Tues 11th Sept

Session 6: Tues 25th Sept

Location: TBC

Cost: $390

One-to-one appointments:

  • One-off Moving Forward Breakthrough Session $125. 60 – 90mins.
  • Life 2.0 - Recover and Rebuild Programme – series of 10 fortnightly sessions over 5 months $1,100.


Life 2.0 is facilitated by Jan Haworth who went through treatment for breast cancer herself in 2011.

Jan has a psychology degree, is a certified mindfulness teacher (MBSR), and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her education equips her with an extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, positive psychology and preventive health.

Support and encouragement is often more powerful when it comes from someone with a positive personal experience. Jan’s experience of cancer treatment and the transformation this lead to, plus her training, make her an ideal person to support and inspire others looking to move forward after cancer.