Under the canopy - Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage

Under the canopy - Oncology Massage

What is it?

Oncology Massage is a massage technique that has been specifically developed and modified to safely treat cancer patients.

Oncology Massage Program

What is Oncology Massage?

Oncology Massage is a specific type of massage therapy designed to deliver a safe and therapeutic massage to clients with cancer and who may be undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

Clients can expect a gentle and safe massage that has been modified from the traditional massage experience in order to accommodate the various symptoms of their disease and any side effects of the treatment.

Oncology Massage Training is a nationally and internationally accredited non-profit training organisation specializing in oncology massage. It provides therapists with awareness and expertise to modify and adjust a conventional massage for the client who has a history or diagnosis of cancer while being mindful of any other relevant medical conditions or issues. This ensures clients are treated safely and effectively.

Benefits of Oncology Massage

How is Oncology Massage beneficial?

Research1 has shown that Oncology Massage can improve the quality of life and assist with managing symptoms for people with a history or diagnosis of cancer.

Benefits included:

1.(Cassileth and Vickers, 2004)

When working with clients whose bodies and immune systems are already compromised from the treatment of cancer, only Organic Almond Oil is used to avoid exposing the body to more biological strain.

What are people living with cancer saying about oncology massage?

(The following information is taken from the Society for Oncology Massage site)

For many people an oncology massage is their first massage. Most people find that massage provided by a trained therapist provides so much more than they expect.

"My therapist understands the difficult road of cancer and addresses the physical pain associated with the mental anguish."

"As soon as I had a surgery date, I started going in tighter and tighter circles. [Massage] was a big help in being relaxed, but ready when the day came."

"Massage has created an overall sense of well-being. I’m at h4eace with mastectomy and more at peace with my body image."

"After chemotherapy, I started receiving some gentle massage. I found I was able to care for my children rather than having to stay in bed for days."

"Massage helped me to accept the new me. I am alive, I am beautiful, scars and all."

Costs and enrolment

What will the consultation cost?

Wood Bay Natural Health are certified providers of Oncology Massage. Clare Brokenshire runs sessions at her Titirangi clinic and provides a home visit service for patients who are immobile (POA).


Southern Cross Health Society’s “Wellbeing” health insurance policy includes a “Body Care” Module. This module permits members to claim up to $400 per year for Remedial Massage Therapy. Oncology Massage falls under this category. Please check your policy for details.


Oncology Massage – Wood Bay Natural Health

Provider Initial Consultation
60/75 mins
Follow up
45/60 mins
5 sessions 10 sessions
Clare Brokenshire $110/$130 $90/$110 $500 $900

Clare is a provider for Sweet Louise.

Gift Vouchers:

Gift vouchers are available to purchase from Wood Bay Health. A voucher is a great gift for a friend or family member who could benefit from Oncology Massage.

Our team

Clare Brokenshire

Clare Brokenshire

Clare Brokenshire is a Registered Nurse who specialises in caring for people in all stages of the Cancer journey. This led to an interest and ultimately passion in other aspects of cancer care. She is also a Lymphedema Therapist qualified and accredited in Oncology Massage.

She believes in the value of utilising integrative therapies in any treatment and has seen the benefits of Oncology Massage.

Clare’s calm and gentle manner has led her to work in both NZ and Australia. She now works from her beautiful bush clad Titirangi clinic, Wood Bay Natural Health. She also works at Seven Scenes in Westmere on Tuesdays alongside a group of other practitioners.Clare provides Oncology Massage and Lymphedema Management at Dove House in Glendowie and Hospice West Auckland.

"Happiness is not a destination, but a journey. Dealing with cancer is both destination and journey. Medicine focuses on the quality of the destination. Oncology Massage focuses on the quality of the journey".


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