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Under the Canopy - What this means for me...

Mar 19, 2020

The expression ‘under the canopy’ means being under a roof-type structure that is designed to help us and keep us safe. But what does this mean when it’s referred to in relation to cancer patients?

Many people think of a cancer diagnosis and recovery as a physical process, but it’s so much more than that. Many studies exist that show that emotional and mental wellness play an extremely important role in improving physical health.

Rather than being a physical place, Canopy Cancer Care’s ‘Under the Canopy’ a programme is a philosophy. It’s a way of thinking about ‘you’ - the patient, as a whole person not just someone with cancer. It takes more than medicine to effectively treat a patient and importantly, a patient’s journey doesn’t end with the last treatment.

Cancer is a complex illness and the word itself brings devastation into our lives. Being diagnosed with cancer sets off a multitude of reactions and changes – mind, body and spirit. But while the cancer is being dealt with, what happens to the physical pain, the emotional stress and the mental anxiety that often accompanies the diagnosis, treatment and survival of cancer?

After observing the difficulty patients and their families have dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, the team at

Canopy knew an opportunity existed to help patients beyond their primary medical treatment, by providing a range of health and wellness services designed to enhance a person’s well-being.

The Under the Canopy programme supports cancer patients by providing services designed to enhance and improve their quality of life during their own personal journey through cancer. By offering tools, resources and services through an integrated approach we can help alleviate the physical, emotional and mental stress that comes with cancer.

Services and tools that can be accessed include psychologists, fitness experts, dietary advice, fatigue management, physiotherapy, assistance with integration back into work, oncology massage and other treatments designed for those going through a cancer journey.

Canopy’s goal is to make a difference, to ensure patients and their families feel supported, informed and empowered not just through their treatment but also beyond.

While we have made incredible progress with cancer treatments, oncology isn’t just about treating the patient medically, its also about ensuring those patients have the best quality of life possible at every stage of their cancer journey. This is what Under the Canopy means for you.