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365 From Survive to Thrive

Feb 24, 2020

The 365 From Survive to Thrive journal helps motivate, encourage and support women to start on a path to recovery and good health.

Nobody is prepared for a cancer diagnosis and the turmoil it can create.

This beautifully constructed journal has been developed to provide essential support for women - either when undergoing cancer treatment or, once treatment has completed.

The 365 From Survive to Thrive journal helps motivate, encourage and support women to start on a path to recovery and good health.

If you are diagnosed with cancer; this journal gives you the space you need to track and manage your unique experiences, questions and resolutions - all in one, readily accessible place.

If someone you know is affected by cancer; this journal makes a very thoughtful and loving gift.

The journal contains:

  • Yearly planner - to help you plan your treatment, recovery, progress and things to look forward too.
  • Monthly check-ins -to encourage you to be committed & motivated to maximise your recovery.
  • Weekly planner - to plan your medical appointments, exercise, and all-important social events including catch-ups with friends.
  • Journal writing section – to write down your thoughts; even when you are on a roller coaster of emotions, it really helps to write things down.
  • Helpful advice - Scattered throughout the journal are words of wisdom and quotes from women who have been through cancer too. We have also included rehabilitation and recovery advice from oncology experts backed by solid research.

This beautiful journal is designed to be started at any time throughout the calendar year and tracks 365 days from whenever it’s begun.

It might just be what you or a loved one needs to thrive.

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