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Emotional wellbeing

May 20, 2019

A positive sense of wellbeing is beneficial in dealing with the stresses of everyday life. An enhanced awareness of your emotional wellbeing during and after treatment has proven benefits including stress and anxiety management, improved resilience and pain management.

There are many tools available to us all from talking with friends, family and even the GP or a therapist to online apps and workshops.

For those living alone, working from home, wrangling small children while working from home and those on the front line, the effects of COVID-19 can be exhausting, daunting and even a little terrifying.

The effects of COVID-19 will be different for everyone but probably none more so than those facing a potentially life changing illnesses.

Over the lockdown, our staff and patients shared their favourite mindfulness and meditation apps, blogs and websites for dealing with the stress.   Most were COVD-19 related but some are really useful for everyday.

The following is a list of the most popular.

And for the kids: